Free Registration

Step 1 – Complete Registration with a Webinar or Seminar

Your surgical weight loss journey begins by registering for a free webinar or a seminar. In-person seminars are not available at this time, but special exceptions can be made.

Please complete the free webinar on this site to register you in the meantime.

This will provide you the information to understand your options, and after you will receive an Admissions Packet to complete.

South Mississippi Surgical Weight Loss Center offers these free, informational seminars and webinar to help you make an informed decision about weight loss surgery. With the online seminar (webinar), you are able to take your first step from the comfort of your home at a time convenient for you. Please set aside about 30 minutes to complete the webinar. You must complete the entire webinar, as well as submit your admissions packet (which will be emailed after the webinar) to move on to a consultation.

Please see the insurance and self-pay pages to make sure that you have the information ready. Please note your insurance requirements and the requirements of the weight loss procedures. Check your spam email for the Admissions Packet after you complete the webinar. You should hear from our office within three weeks.