General Questions

1. How quickly can I get to surgery?

You can undergo your procedure within two to three weeks of your completion of the program and final insurance approval or within approximately 6 weeks of your initial consult if you are self-paying.

2. Why do I need psychological testing?

Some insurance companies require psychological testing; moreover, it is also a standard of care set by the American Society of Bariatric Surgery. We want to ensure that patients will be able to adjust to the lifestyle changes necessary after weight loss surgery. If test results show that a patient is not likely to be a good candidate for weight loss surgery, we would not proceed with treatment. Weight loss surgery should not be performed on patients who have a higher risk of jeopardizing their health or success after surgery by not following exercise and diet guidelines. Please contact our weight loss practice in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, for further information, or visit our Life after Surgery page to learn about post-bariatric nutrition and exercise.

3. How long does the procedure take?

The gastric sleeve surgery takes about one hour and gastric bypass surgery is usually performed in one and a half to two hours.

4. How do I get my pre-operative testing set up?

Your Nurse or MA will either give you a list of tests or set those tests up for you.

5. Must I attend a support group if I live out of town?

No, but it would be to your advantage to find one near you or contact our support group leader for an online group. Studies show patients who attend support groups lose 33% more weight than patients who do not attend. We strongly recommend it!

6. Who do I contact if I get sick while in medical workup?

Contact your physician as you normally would.

7. Why do I have to lose weight prior to surgery?

The first few pounds come right off the liver, which enables the surgeon to manipulate the surgical instruments more easily and quickly, which in turn keeps the patient under anesthesia for a shorter amount of time.

8. If I already have an Adjustable Gastric Band, will South Mississippi Surgical Weight Loss Center make adjustments?

Yes, South Mississippi Surgical Weight Loss Center will allow patients to join the South Mississippi Surgical Weight Loss Center bariatric program. The program is subject to a $300 NON REFUNDABLE program fee.

This fee includes:

  • Initial Consult with the Surgeon.
  • Nutrition 101 class

This fee must be paid in full at the time the patient comes in for the Initial Consult with the Surgeon.

All subsequent adjustments are NOT billed to insurance and are subject to a $250 cash pay price for 12 months after the date the patient signs the Foreign Procedure contract at the Initial Consult with the Surgeon.

9. How long will it take to recover from bariatric surgery?

From Gastric Bypass it takes 1 to 3 weeks, Gastric Sleeve takes 1 to 2 weeks.

10. Contact our weight loss practice in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person at an info session and address any questions you have about weight loss surgery. Contact our practice in Ocean Springs, Mississippi today.

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