Even if people eat the same amount of food or do the same level of workouts, that doesn’t mean they’ll lose the same amount of weight. People have different bodies, and each has their way of losing weight. For instance, taking weight loss tea or supplements accompanied by a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly are effective for some people.

Likewise, some people don’t respond well to natural weight loss methods and need to undergo a more scientific approach to effectively shred some weight. One helpful method is called a gastric balloon. And before we tell you how much weight you can lose with a gastric balloon, let us first discuss everything you need to know about this weight loss method.

What is a Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloons are made of silicone, which is filled with saline. This balloon is then placed inside one’s stomach. The doctor uses an endoscope to insert it into the stomach, and this instrument makes the procedure completely non-surgical. And it typically takes about half an hour to complete.

How Does Gastric Balloon Help To Lose Weight?

Since it is placed in the stomach, it tricks your brain into thinking that you’re already full. Hence, it helps you to cut down your food intake. This procedure, which alters the hormones to control the appetite, is a huge help to people who need help in eating less food. Additionally, if your body mass index (BMI) isn’t enough for you to qualify for bariatric surgery, your doctor may recommend this as an option.

How Much Weight Can You Lose Through a Gastric Balloon?

The gastric balloon stays in your stomach for about six months or less. And it will be effective in helping you lose about 7-15% of body weight if you manage to adjust your lifestyle and eating habits during that period. And even if the time has come for your gastric balloon to get removed, you can maintain your current body weight. Make sure to continue eating the same amount of food when you’ve had the balloon or less.

Turn to South Mississippi Surgical Weight Loss Center

If simple dieting or exercising doesn’t work for you, the gastric balloon will be a great weight loss procedure option for you. To learn more about a gastric balloon for weight loss or other weight loss procedures, turn to South Mississippi Surgical Weight Loss Center. Get in touch with us to book your visit to our clinic.

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