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Bariatric surgery is not a one size fits all cure for those struggling with their weight. For some patients, a non-surgical approach is more appropriate.  Our practice offers a multidisciplinary non-surgical approach led by our in house Registered Dietitian, Abby Sniffen. We offer a variety of non-surgical weight-loss tools, including supportive one-on-one nutrition counseling, medical weight management, and in rare cases medication. Our registered dietitians and dedicated staff have a wealth of experience in designing successful, customized treatment plans.

Our weight management program focuses not only on weight loss, but puts a new focus on your overall health care, making sure weight management is factored in to the treatment of other conditions you may have. We are passionate about being proactive with your health and aim to treat current ailments as well as decrease or prevent the future occurrence of weight related issues.

Also, for those of you participating in the surgical path, it requires a significant change in diet and lifestyle to safely and healthfully reach your goal weight. As this process can be a bit overwhelming, we have created a menu bar below to help address all of your nutrition concerns before, during, and after surgery.  Between the initial evaluation for weight loss surgery and surgery day, take the time to become as prepared as possible for the lifestyle modifications and health behaviors that we know equate to a safe and successful long term weight loss.

We recommend that you begin adapting your current diet pattern and health behaviors now to prepare for this change.

Meet Abby – Registered Dietitian

Abby Sniffen is a licensed outpatient dietitian at South Mississippi Surgical Weight Loss Center and has served as a clinical dietitian at Ocean Springs Hospital. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics with a minor in Community Nutrition from Iowa State University. She is passionate about weight management and worked with the VA’s MOVE program in Washington State before joining the South Mississippi Surgical Weight Loss team in 2015. Abby is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS). She also holds a Certificate in Adult Weight Management.


Why Consult a Registered Dietitian?

Our registered dietitian, Abby, has extensive training—and success—in helping people make lifelong changes for better health. Following are some of the many benefits of taking advantage of our nutritional services and scheduling a consultation:

  • Our Registered Dietitians (RD) is certified, clinically-trained professionals in food and nutrition and licensed by the State of Mississippi.
  • Abby is an expert in developing customized plans to meet your needs and goals. As a result, we consistently receive high scores for customer satisfaction.
  • Your customized plan will be based on science, research, and proven strategies to help ensure your safety and success. Your plan also will include practical options that meet the needs of today’s busy individuals and their families.
  • Our registered dietitians are available to provide lifelong, non-judgmental support and the extra motivation that can make all the difference when challenges arise or the going gets tough.


Schedule a Nutrition Visit with Abby

To schedule a Nutrition Visit with Abby, please call 228.872.7277


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