At South Mississippi Surgical Weight Loss Center, we understand that being able to offer many different types of procedures for weight loss surgery is vital. Providing patients with as many options as possible can help with questions or concerns about what would work best for them. In addition to Gastric Bypass Surgery, we offer laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve Surgery. The Gastric Sleeve is increasingly being performed as a stand-alone procedure and offers many benefits compared to the Bypass. Deciding which type of bariatric surgery is the best for you, all patients should review the requirements for candidacy, develop a detailed understanding of the risks involved and finally set up an appointment to discuss any concerns with one of our bariatric surgeons.

  • How Gastric Sleeve surgery is performed?
  • Advantages & Risks
  • Recovery
  • Potential Risks and Complications

How Gastric Sleeve Surgery is performed?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery, also known as Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG), is a restrictive type of bariatric surgery that permanently reduces the size of the stomach. It promotes weight loss by limiting food intake and decreasing the sensation of hunger; it does not involve intestinal rerouting or food malabsorption.

During surgery, the surgeon removes about three-quarters (60-80%) of the stomach along the outside curve. The new stomach or “sleeve” is the shape of a banana, which spans the original distance from the esophagus to the small intestine. The pyloric valve, the normal outlet which controls the release of food from the stomach to the small intestine, continues to function normally. The surgery also helps to control hunger by removing the upper stomach portion, which is the area that produces the hunger stimulating hormone, ghrelin.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a less complicated operation than the Gastric Bypass Surgery, since the pyloric valve and small intestine are left intact. Also, the Gastric Sleeve does not involve implanting a medical device into the body in order to restrict eating as with Adjustable Gastric Banding Surgery.


Gastric Sleeve Procedure Performed bySouth MS Surgical Weight Loss Center


  • This is an appetite suppressant surgery. The hormones responsible for stimulating hunger are removed.
  • Dumping is avoided as the pylorus is retained.
  • No rerouting of the intestines so there is no new connections to be made, making it safer, easier and faster to perform.
  • Minimizes the possibility of the patient developing ulcers.
  • One year after surgery, weight loss can average 33-83% of excess body weight.
  • Eliminates the late risk of bowel obstruction from internal hernia.
  • Follow up care is similar to a Gastric Bypass.
  • Those who have medical problems that prevent them from having weight loss surgery such as Anemia, Crohn’s disease, extensive prior surgery and other complex medical conditions may be good candidates for the VSG.



Following surgery, patients are required to stay approximately one night in the hospital. The patient is also asked to refrain from work for one-two weeks. Patients will need to follow a liquid diet for about two weeks while the body heals. The diet will slowly progress from soft to solid foods. At about 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, most patients will usually be able to eat a regular solid diet.

The Gastric Sleeve procedure will help a person control their hunger and limit the amount of food they can eat at any one time. As with all surgical weight loss programs, weight loss ultimately depends on adopting a new lifestyle, healthy diet, and regular exercise-surgery is not the final step!


Potential Risks and Complications of Gastric Sleeve

The Gastric Sleeve Surgery is not reversible as a portion of the stomach is permanently removed. Due to stapling to the edge of the stomach, bleeding or leaks may occur. To find out more information about the Gastric Sleeve procedure contact our bariatric team.


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