Although online videos of weight loss exercises can be inspiring, they can also put a lot of pressure on people who aren’t ready for high-intensity activities. If your BMI qualifies you for bariatric (weight loss) surgery, the regiment at South Mississippi Surgical Weight Loss Center makes you live a healthier lifestyle before and after surgery through the help of the bariatric team. Some activities to help live a healthier lifestyle are the following. Before getting started, it is important to always discuss a new exercise regimen with your healthcare provider.

Going on a Walk

It might be simple, but walking is the most popular form of exercise, and it’s the best way to start. You won’t have to worry about paying for gym memberships or buying new equipment, and it’s easy to fit it into your daily routine. Try it during your lunch breaks or when taking your dogs on extra walks. This is particularly helpful for those who’ve just recovered from an obesity treatment since it can help maintain the optimal calorie loss per day.

Take it easy at first. Go on 30-minute walks around the block three to four times a week, then gradually increase the time and distance. Once you get used to it, try jogging and running instead to get better results.

Lifting Weights

Sure, cardio is crucial to weight loss, but it is amplified by weight training. This increases metabolism, which helps you burn more calories even if you’re not working out right then. It also strengthens the muscles and tendons, something that you’ll need to avoid injury during cardio exercises.

Taking a Dip

Swimming is a great low-impact exercise that works out many parts of your body. It’s not harsh on the joints because the water gives you buoyancy, which is a great tool when struggling with obesity. This allows you to exercise for longer periods. What’s more is, bathing in cool, relaxing water can also relieve aches and tension.

Most people swim laps on pools in their backyards or their local community sports center. But if you’re going to do this in a lake or at the beach, make sure you know how to stay safe.

Reaching a healthy lifestyle helps you be able to do more things. Healthier lifestyles not only help physical health but also mental and emotional. The great thing about bariatric surgery is that you have a team guiding you before, during, and after surgery. Get in touch with South Mississippi Weigh Loss Center for more tips and to learn about ways we treat obesity. Get started online for free and see if you qualify for an obesity treatment.

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